Crunch time for Brexit after a busy summer

Ben Bradley MP
Ben Bradley MP

We’re more than halfway through Parliament’s summer recess, and through the school summer holidays too, writes Ben Bradley MP.

For both parents and MPs sights shift towards September and preparing for the new year to begin.

I’ve been out school uniform shopping for my two this weekend, and it got me thinking about just how busy it’s going to be in Parliament when MPs return on September 3.

It’s coming to crunch time on Brexit once again and this time I’m pleased that Britain has a Government committed to delivering on the referendum result.

Britain needs to be out, come what may, on October 31, so that the Government can deliver on its promises and then crack on with key domestic priorities like schools, policing and our NHS.

That’s not going to be easy, but it’s absolutely vital that Government holds firm and does not allow Parliament to deny direct democracy.

Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to take charge and hold a second referendum would be the worst of all worlds.

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I, for one, have always voted to get the UK out since I became Mansfield’s MP, and I’ll continue to do that this autumn.

That’s all to come, but contrary to popular belief MPs don’t just have six weeks off in the summer.

I’ve been using the time away from London to get out more in the community, which is both rewarding and great fun.

I’ve been delivering Brexit surveys to 30,000 households to get your views on where things stand, I’ve been raising money for the local branch of MIND, meeting disability campaigner #OneConversation, judging the Mansfield’s Got Talent competition, getting out on local heathland to see my BeeLines conservation project in action, and much more besides.

Can I thank everyone that I’ve met (and will meet) this summer for the experiences and the conver-sations we’ve had.

If I’m going to raise Mansfield’s key issues in Parliament it’s important we communicate and that I understand your views.