Crawley Town 2 Stags 0 - The fan’s blog

So it was a very long trip for the Stags fans on Tuesday night and the team had just fourteen players fit for the match against the league leaders Crawley Town.

I had thought we might come away with a point but when I saw how easy the Crawley forwards we breaking our back four I knew we were in for a hard time.

There were a few positives David Grof and Tom Naylor put in some really hard work and should be given praise for that.

The only problem I could see is a lack of strength and energy but this is to be expected with the amount of games we have played with league, FA Cup and Trophy matches we have already played forty-six games and have another ten to play and this is not including our Wembley visit on May 7th.

Whatever happens in the league now we must make sure we are safe for another season of Blue Square Premier football. I am sure that the Stags will stay safe in mid-table but we must not sit on our hands and think we are safe.

Moving on to more positive things we have seen the first few days of the sale of Wembley tickets with the season tickets taking the chance to get their hands on them first by buying up over 2,400 and in the first day of general sale another 3,000 have been had as Wembley tickets becomes one of the hottest items that any Mansfield fan can have.

I want say to those fans who have left the club over the last few years: come back because you are more than welcome and your support at Wembley would not go a miss.

Let’s make our end of Wembley a sea of amber and blue as we get behind our lads and give them the support they we need in out biggest game since 1987.

But if you want to come get your tickets fast because we have under 10,000 left of our first allocation. Let’s make the club have to get more tickets from the FA and really show them what this town can do when we all get our heads together.