Councillor Jason Zadrozny: Thousands launch new careers

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Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting Stuart Angus and his staff at Tiga Hair Spa in Kirkby.

The popular salon has been a thriving business in Kirkby for ten years now.

One of his members of staff was Chloe Clay who is 19 years old.

She is one of the shop’s latest apprentices.

Help from Vince Cable MP and the government means that it is now easier to take on apprentices.

In news that would make Sir Alan Sugar blush, here in Ashfield over 5,000 young people have started new careers - all because of the Liberal Democrats.

Talking of keeping our promises - the effects of the changes in our tax system are now benefiting nearly 50,000 local people in their pay packets.

Indeed, over 8,000 people round here have stopped paying tax altogether.

Chloe, like so many youngsters, is now on the road to a great career - the best thing about this is that she pays no tax whatsoever!

Being in coalition has not been easy at all.

At the last General Election though we promised that if in government we would be the party of fairer tax.

We had the barmy situation under Labour where cleaners in Ashfield were paying a higher proportion of their tax compared to people’s houses and businesses that they were cleaning.

We changed that and much more.

This includes investing an extra £12.5 million in Ashfield’s schools though our pupil premium, giving pensioners their biggest ever pay rise and finally getting to the grips with Labour’s immigration free for all.

When Labour left us in such a mess after nearly bankrupting us in 2010 it was difficult to see a way out.

Let’s be clear - Labour had their chance in government and wasted it.

Everybody knows that in May people in Ashfield face a straight choice: either the Lib Dems or no change whatsoever with five more years of Labour.