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Community News

Bowls Club

The first application of the new programme for green maintenance has been applied to green. Meetings with the supplier Headland Amenity have been agreed. Four junior players have been proposed to play for Derbyshire EBF Under 25s during the 2014 season. Club members are now waiting to hear which teams have been selected to play in the Notts EBF and Lincoln EBF. Club members have agreed to deliver short mat bowls taster sessions at Shirebrook Academy on Monday 3rd and Monday 10th February, at Anthony Bek Primary School, New Houghton on Monday, 17th and 24th March and at Model Village Primary School, Shirebrook on Monday 31st and Monday 7th April. Children taking part may be able to attend junior coaching sessions at the club on Saturday mornings from Saturday 26th April until mid-September.

Cricket Club
Club members held its annual meeting at Shirebrook Miners’ Welfare Social Centre. Elected representatives were Secretary – Tom Warriner, Treasurer – Steve Hallam, Central Secretary – Joel Fretwell, Programme Chair – Stan Green, Project Treasurer – Mark Warriner, 1st Team Capt – Tom Warriner, 1st Team Vice Capt – Lee Johnson, 2nd Team Capt – Ben Wright, 2nd Team Vice Capt Stuart Watson, 3rd Team Capt – Joel Fretwell, 3rd Team Vice Capt – Tom Warriner, Committee Members – Mark Warriner, Tom Warriner, Roy Cann, Brian Everett, Pat Downs, Craig Tansley, Ben Wright and Jess Merriman, Groundsmen - Mark Warriner, Roy Cann, Liam Smedley and Tom Warriner.

Holy Trinity

Mr Derek Maynard led a Family Service on Sunday week when the theme of his message was, ‘Choosing the Disciples’. Bible readings were by Mr D. Maynard and Mrs K Hill. Pianist was Mrs Noreen Maynard. The collection was taken by Paddy Chi and Zi Qing Chen. During the service special prayers were given for the Rev June Palmer who is to join the East Scarsdale Team Ministry at the beginning of February. Refreshments were served by Mrs N. Maynard.

Salvation Army

Home League Secretary, Mrs Eunice Smith, welcomed members at yesterday week’s members meeting. Ladies discussed supporting the Adults and Family Ministries in raising funds during 2014 to prevent human trafficking. Maj Ina Neill welcomed parents and toddlers to Buddies playgroup meeting on Thursday week. Jean Leadbeater welcomed members to the Friday week Sunshine Club meeting where she took as her title, ‘Laugh, Live and Love.’ Ladies listened to jokes, Bible readings and sang. Refreshments were served. Members of the Army visited the Mansfield Palace Theatre to see a performance of Jack and the Beanstalk performed by the Westfield Folkhouse Group. JAM Club on Sunday week was led by Maj Neill and Jean Leadbeater. Volunteers served at four recent coffee mornings. On Sunday week, members of the congregation joined Churches Together for a service at Shirebrook Christian Centre.

Tuesday Dance

Dancers were welcomed to Shirebrook Miners’ Welfare Social Centre yesterday week by Mrs M. Blakemore. Mrs M. Goodall organised and led the dancing. Music was provided by Mr P. Goodall.

Happy Chat Coffee

Julie Bonsall welcomed members to Shirebrook Leisure Centre on Wednesday w eek where she collected subscriptions and served refreshments. Table games were organised by Ann Locke and Dot Hindley. Raffle winners were Joyce Askew, Audrey Doyle, Anne Locke, Lucy Stewart and June Crookes. Birthday cakes and cards were presented to Iris Owens and Audrey Doyle.

Keep Fit
Mrs C. Benson welcomed Mesdames D. Wake, D. Stevenson, S. Creswell and J. Charlesworth to Shirebrook Village Hall yesterday week for line dancing and gentle exercise to music.

Chit Chat Club

Mrs D. Gough welcomed members to Shirebrook Village Hall yesterday week. Members played bingo with caller Maureen Gough and held a raffle won by Audrey Draycott. Refreshments were served by Maureen Gough, Annette Toon, Sylvia Garton and Audrey Draycott.

Christian Centre

A numeracy and literacy course led by Anthony Lyons is held on Wednesdays between 4-6pm. All welcome. Maggie Morris and Richard Gray welcomed visitors to the Nite-Lite drop in session on Wednesday week. The Coffee Brooke café is open on Thursday and Friday mornings. Amanda Pell led the PUSH (Pray until something happens) meeting on Thursday week. Members of Churches Together were welcomed to the Christian Centre on Sunday week by Pastor P. Hellewell. Amanda Pell led the service and spoke about, ‘Unity, God’s Mosaic of Love.’ Prayers were read by the Rev John Draycott and Father John Cotton. Bible readings were by Mr Robert Fennell and Maj Ina Neill. The worship was led by Tracey Engyel, Pastor P. and Mrs A. M. Hellewell.

Staff and Social Club

Mr M. Fletcher hosted a games night on Monday week evening. The darts match was won by Rob Sharpe, with Malcolm Fletcher winning the dominoes and pool matches.

Self Help Group

Mrs G. Mee welcomed members to Shirebrook Village Hall on Wednesday week where she also collected subscriptions and called the bingo. Mrs E. Hayes, S. Garton and D. Graves helped Mrs Mee to prepare the room ahead of the meeting. Ladies played bingo, held a raffle and took part in a ‘B&B’ quiz where all the questions had a two word answer. A birthday card and wine were presented to Margaret Taylor. Refreshments were served by Mesdames D. Stevenson, M. Griffiths, A. Kane and S. Garton.

Grange Care Home

Hamilton Suite residents have recently completed jigsaw puzzles, attended a watercolour painting session and have taken part in a reminiscence session using memory cards. In the nursing lounge, residents played skittles, held a hands and nails pamper session and played dominoes. Residents from the Residential Unit played bingo in the dining room, took part in a quiz about ‘The British Isles’ and completed one to one activities. All activities were led by Mandy Lindley and Natasha Westwood.

Early Birds Day Nursery

Ofsted inspectors were welcomed to the nursery on Thursday week. Babies played with farm animals, dinosaurs, buckets and spades in sand and with fish, glitter, nets, ducks and dolls in water. Tactile play was with glitter, brushes, cereals and pots. Children started work on a pirate’s project by making a display. Mark making was with pencils, crayons and envelopes. Toddlers posted letters into a post box, painted with glue sticks and coloured shells for the pirate display. Outdoors play was with bikes, cones and large balls. Pre-school children played with rockets and spaceships in imaginative play, used counting cakes for mathematics, played with sea life animals in water and traced their own names. Children also studied books about sea life and listened to a cd of seaside sounds.

Richmond Care Home

Residents completed a painted woodland scene wall display, visited the hairdresser, played bingo and took part in a general knowledge/sing along style quiz. Activities Co-ordinator, Claire Seymour read interesting articles to residents from a newspaper which they later discussed.

Sports Club

Qualified coaches led activities including football and gym work at Shirebrook Leisure Centre on Thursday week for 16 members. Vacancies exist for children aged 9-10 years of age. Members meet from 5-7pm and pay £1 per session. Contact 748907 or 07890600652.


Paula Chambers recently welcomed Brownies to Shirebrook Church Hall where they took part in the Brownie Birthday Event Badge Competition. Brownies designed a badge to celebrate the Brownies 100th birthday. The evening