Commons Corner

THIS is my first column of the 2012 so I’d like to wish you all a happy New Year and I hope everyone had a peaceful Christmas.

I am confident that 2012 can be a bright year for Kirkby with the arrival of several big businesses in the area such as Morrisons and J.D Wetherspoon’s. Both of these will boost the area’s economy and create some much needed jobs and they have certainly got the town buzzing.

With their arrival hopefully other businesses will soon follow and see what a fantastic area it is to invest in. It’s also great news that the Post Office in the town will now remain open after everyone fought so hard to keep it.

I am so pleased that Kirkby has retained this important service that so many people rely on.

As your local MP it is my job to fight as hard as I can for Ashfield which is why I am still battling with Camelot to make sure that Ashfield gets its fair share in national lottery funding.

Last year Ashfield received £845,502 in lottery grants. Yet a few miles away in Nottingham South they received £4,019,152.

I want to see Ashfield get the money it deserves and we should have the right to know whether we are getting a good deal or not and if we aren’t then why not?

What always amazes me about our community is how many people work so tirelessly and selflessly to help others. That’s why it was great to see local Sutton man, Allen Urch finally get officially recognised in the 2012 New Years honours list.

Allen has dedicated almost fifty years of his life teaching swimming in the area and I only hope that at his age I still have his motivation and get up and go.

It is a fantastic achievement and he really does deserve this award after so many years of service to the people of Ashfield. Congratulations Allen!