MP says Brexit deal is great news for Mansfield and Warsop

Last week, Parliament voted on the free trade deal with the EU and passed it by 521 votes to 73.

Monday, 4th January 2021, 9:54 am

At last, a Brexit deal has been done, which delivers on what the British people voted for both in the referendum and the last election.

As promised, the deal allows the UK to take back control of its laws, borders, money, trade and fisheries and it also ends any role for the European Court.

I’m sure this is going to be great news for the majority of Mansfield and Warsop who voted overwhelmingly to leave.

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Ben Bradley says the Brexit deal will be great news for the people of Mansfield

We have entered the new year as a fully sovereign nation, striking new trade deals with new markets, reasserting ourselves as a liberal and free trading nation, showing what global Britain means to the rest of the world.

The agreement that has been secured is based on international law, not EU law.

There is no role for the European Court of Justice and no requirement for the UK to continue to follow EU law.

It is the first free trade agreement based on zero tariffs and zero quotas that the EU has ever agreed.

This means businesses will be able to trade smoothly and people will be able to continue to buy goods from Europe tariff free, protecting consumer prices, jobs and investment across the whole UK.

It secures the pledge to protect and boost the economy and provides for continued market access across many sectors.

The deal recognises UK sovereignty over its fishing waters and puts it in a position to rebuild its fishing fleet and increase quotas.

Freedom of movement has ended and the new point-based immigration system begins.

EU migrants won’t be able to access benefits for five years and they will be unable to receive child benefit for children living outside of the UK.

These are the same rules as for non-EU citizens and ensures the new system is fair, and that works for UK citizens too.

I am pleased to have voted for the deal, as it delivers a clean exit, a full return of UK sovereignty and a chance to end the eternal argument about Brexit

I will be supporting the Prime Minister to use Britain’s new freedom to deliver more for the UK and get the best deal I can for Mansfield and Warsop.

Ben Bradley is MP for Mansfield.