Mayor's Column: Being a cleaner and greener town brings positive changes

I believe in improving the quality of life for all Mansfield’s residents, where practical, so I have built a philosophy of being green, caring and healthy into every aspect of council business.

By Andy Abrahams
Wednesday, 11th May 2022, 3:00 pm

We want to make Mansfield more attractive, so we are using £1 million from our Towns Fund allocation to create a memorial park and other pocket parks, with sculptures and green spaces across our town centre.

Neighbourhoods in Mansfield will also be seeing greening up schemes as part of a £75m investment by Severn Trent to install natural ways to soak up rain water to help prevent flooding and prevent excess water from entering sewers.

Mansfield is also helping to lead the way nationally on planning guidelines by being chosen to pilot a scheme in which residents help to set standards for design, on matters such as architecture, building materials, sustainability and street layout. Our housing programme, which will see new affordable council homes for rent in Centenary Road and Bellamy Estate, is also embracing greener cleaner principles.

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Andy Abrahams, Mansfield Mayor.

These homes are being designed to ensure they meet future homes standards and minimise energy consumption to lower carbon emissions.

One of the most effective ways to reduce carbon emissions and help reduce energy bills is to improve older housing.

We have been successful in securing funding to allow insulation improvements to 51 privately owned properties in the town, and we are continuing to secure more grants, by pledging to match fund government schemes, so that low-income owner occupiers in Bull Farm, Pleasley, Ladybrook and Forest Town can also benefit in this way.

Match funding of £360,000 by the council has also helped Mansfield to be chosen as one of 15 projects nationally for a scheme to upgrade social housing homes with worst performing Energy Performance Certificate ratings so that fuel bills for their tenants are reduced.

“Being cleaner and greener is not just a council slogan. It means actions, too, and bringing positive changes to Mansfield,” writes Andy Abrahams, Mansfield mayor.

We are also targeting private landlords who are acting illegally by renting out properties which have an EPC rating of F and G.

We are also switching to electric vehicles where budgets permit, increasing wild flower/grassland areas and planting thousands more trees.

Being cleaner and greener is not just a council slogan. It means actions, too, and bringing positive changes to Mansfield.

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