Lee Anderson MP is proud to give Ashfield a louder voice in Parliament

Just a few years ago I could never have imagined I would be the MP for Ashfield.

Tuesday, 29th September 2020, 7:00 am

In fact, I never imagined I would be involved in politics at all but I think I made the right choice and every morning I wake up filled with pride knowing I am representing the area that has been home to me and my family for generations.

This feeling was made to feel extra special when last week when the Government announced an accelerated payment of £1.5 million to invest in Sutton and Kirkby.

I have always thought our area has been left behind and wanted to someone to look out for us and make some noise down in Westminster.

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Lee Anderson, MP for Ashfield. London Portrait Photographer - DAV
Lee Anderson, MP for Ashfield. London Portrait Photographer - DAV

Well I am there now, and they cannot shut me up as I beat a drum for my area – Ashfield now has a voice.

We are patriotic and proud bunch in Ashfield which is why I will always stand up for my constituents during the continuing culture war.

The latest battle is with the National Trust in the wake of a report carried out by the organisation linking more than 100 properties with slavery and colonial history.

The document was produced on the back of the attempts to call into question British heritage and remove statues as part of the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Just have a think about how many stately homes and statues we have in our area and I am sure that somewhere lurking around in their past there is something which would upset a great deal of us.

However, past is past, and instead of looking at some of the questionable things Britain did centuries ago how about reminding ourselves of all the great things this country has done?

Along with a dozen other Conservative MPs I have written to the culture secretary to ask him to ask the National Trust to apologise, and so they should.

Finally, I want to give a mention to Selston soldier Jevon Arthur Dunne who serves in the Mercian Regiment.

Jevon’s grandma Jill Lounds told me his mum died a few years ago, which had a profound affect on him, but he picked himself up and is now defending our country.

Jevon, your grandma is very proud of you and looks forward to seeing you the next time you are leave.

Lee Anderson is MP for Ashfield.