Lee Anderson Column: We must make sure the most vulnerable can be protected

The start of a new Parliament will see some great new bills coming to the House.

By Lee Anderson
Wednesday, 11th May 2022, 4:00 pm

Higher Education Bill

The centrepiece of this Bill will be the introduction of a ‘lifelong loan entitlement’, allowing people a loan equivalent to four years of university education – £37,000 – that they can use over their lifetime to fund technical training.

Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill

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Lee Anderson, Ashfield MP.

Designed to stop high streets being blighted by empty shops, this Bill will give councils in England the power to force landlords to rent out commercial properties. It will also give local authorities new powers to take control of empty buildings through beefed-up compulsory purchase orders.

The Bill will also reportedly allow councils to double council tax on second homes that are not occupied.

British Bill of Rights

Justice Secretary Dominic Raab said, in an interview with The Sun on Sunday, that this long-promised Tory Bill, designed to limit some of the influence of Labour’s Human Rights Act and give UK judges more freedom to diverge from European Court of Human Rights rulings, would ensure ‘public safety gets more priority than the rights of offenders’.

“The Queens’ Speech debate tales about three days and I hope to be called to speak up on behalf of the people of Ashfield, because as you know I always say it’s a real honour to do the job I do,” writes Lee Anderson, Ashfield MP.

I support people’s right to protest, but when they start damaging property they need to face tougher consequences. I suggest a minimum of a £10,000 fine for anyone destroying property – and throw in a criminal record.

Brexit Freedoms Bill

The Brexit Freedoms Bill will facilitate the removal of EU regulations retained after our departure from the EU.

Be in no doubt, the Opposition will fight this all the way.

However, I believe in a truly sovereign independent nation and with every EU shackle we throw off then the better we will prosper on the world stage.

The Queens’ Speech debate takes about three days.

I hope to be called to speak up on behalf of the people of Ashfield, because, as you know, I always say that it is a real honour to do the job I do.

It feels we are getting back to normal at work, but the real challenge now is the cost-of-living crisis.

Yes, we know it is a world problem and no single country can sort it out, but we must make sure that the most vulnerable in society are protected, making sure we have a vibrant economy that pays for great public services.

Nothing in this life is for free – my dad told me that.

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