Lee Anderson Column: I’ll make sure your concerns are heard at the highest level

The Government has achieved so many great things over the past two years, despite the challenges presented by Covid, such as its record investment in the NHS and the billions being pumped into the North and Midlands, as part of the levelling-up agenda.

Thursday, 13th January 2022, 11:00 am

We have helped families on low pay, by raising the income tax threshold, and we now have record employment, which should feed through to a higher-wage economy.

Locally, things have been very promising too, like the £70 million worth of Government funding through the Future High Streets and Towns Fund I have secured for the area.

Ashfield School and Kirkby College are to be rebuilt, with a new diagnostic centre at King’s Mill Hospital, £2 million I lobbied for to increase the size of the A&E department at King’s Mill, as well as the £550,000 I personally lobbied the Home Secretary for, that will see greater security measures introduced to make the Central and New Cross area become a safer place.

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Lee Anderson, Ashfield MP.

However, we must not allow all these achievements to be outweighed by any huge rises in the cost of living, through higher energy bills, which the residents of Ashfield care far more about than the platitudes spouted about the ‘green agenda’ by the wealthy elite who flew into the COP26 summit in private planes.

No-one disagrees that we must do more to protect the Earth. But mention the Net Zero journey to most Ashfield people and they will look at you as if you have just arrived from another planet.

Many of them are only just managing to make ends meet. They want to be able to switch on the heating without worrying about the next bill.

I was born here at King’s Mill Hospital and lived here all my life, so I know what my voters want.

Politics is becoming like the Premier League: if voters don’t see immediate success, they demand the manager is sacked.

I know from conversations with the Prime Minister that he gets it, but I am not convinced everyone in Westminster does – and this includes all political parties.

Many of the politicians and civil servants have never had to worry about paying a gas or electricity bill. They do not know what it’s like to sit in a cold home with just a pre-payment card and a fiver left for the week. I have been in that situation.

I will never forget those times and will make sure your concerns are heard at the highest level.

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