Lee Anderson Column: Ashfield people deserve the better level of funding we are now securing

Last Monday at 6.30am, I picked up constituents Pauline and Gary Brown and drove them to London for a tour of Parliament. I usually meet up with constituents at least once a week in London to show them where I work.

We also met up with Alice, Michael and Harry Papworth from Ashfield. If you are ever in London, please let me know, as I am always happy to meet up.

Last week, I spoke in the Chamber about the frustrations that hard-working ambulance drivers are facing, dealing with individuals who repeatedly waste the service’s time by frequently calling, despite not needing their assistance. This issue must be tackled urgently to deliver the best quality healthcare for those in genuine need.

We are now at the final two candidates in the Conservative leadership contest, Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss. Now Kemi Badenoch has been knocked out of the race, I have declared my support for Liz as I believe she has a strong record of delivering on her promises and clearly recognises the need to cut taxes to help people with the cost-of-living crisis.

Lee Anderson, Ashfield MP.

I was delighted the 141 Trentbarton bus service has been saved. The service will run for another year from October. I strongly recommend people make the most of this route, to demonstrate the demand for the future.

It is moments like this, where I work with colleagues on issues, that make my role as an MP the most rewarding job.

On Friday, I had a productive meeting with Ashfield residents and businesses.

There were constructive conversations with police, where we discussed anti-social behaviour around the Asda car park due to boy racers and dirt bikers in the Kingsway Park area of Kirkby.

'Ashfield and Eastwood has been left behind for years, without the significant investment it needs. However due to raising our voices in Parliament, we have secured greater investment for the future. Ashfield and Eastwood folk deserve to be recognised and I am glad that this funding will enable this,' says Lee Anderson MP

Constituents know I take this issue seriously. I will continue to engage with the police and the local authorities to tackle this.

I also met with Mark Spencer MP and Ashfield Council to further discuss details of the £3.2 million Prosperity Fund.

Ashfield has been left behind for years, without significant investment.

However due to myself and my colleagues raising our voices in Parliament, we have secured greater investment.

Ashfield people deserve to be recognised.