Column: I will continue to fight for a better deal from Government

Every week, Lee Anderson, Ashfield’s current MP, makes unsubstantiated attacks in his column on the Ashfield Independents and Ashfield Council, writes Coun Sarah Madigan.

By Coun Sarah Madigan
Wednesday, 22nd June 2022, 5:00 pm

Last week, it was the same. He cited the example of a pensioner living in a property owned by East Midlands’ Housing, whose house had become uninhabitable.

Mr Anderson said: “As the MP for the area, I would fully expect the Ashfield Independents to deal with heart-breaking cases like this, but they haven’t.”

I am sure the pensioner welcomes the fact that Mr Anderson pledged ‘£1,000 out of my own pocket’.

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Councillor Sarah Madigan, Ashfield Independent Councillor for Leamington.

Mr Anderson earns £84,111 a year and has access to a generous expense account too.

Meanwhile, he claims some of the most destitute residents in Leamington can cook a meal for 30p a day.

Since being elected as councillor for Leamington, I have helped literally thousands of residents.

I remember the day our water went off again last July. My front garden had enough bottled water on it to fill our pool at Lammas Leisure Centre. Ashfield Independent councillors were all out delivering water to the most vulnerable for the whole day.

Coun Sarah Madigan with Coun Jason Zadrozny, Ashfield Council leader.

This is just one example of the work I do, day in, day out. I’ll tell you what the biggest issue I face is: destitution. Poverty caused by 12 years of a Conservative Government.

My phone went crazy the day the £20 Universal Credit uplift was axed. Halfway through the pandemic, the buzzwords were ‘heat or eat’, referring to the stark choices faced by tens of thousands on the Leamington Estate and across Ashfield.

In parts of Leamington, families can do neither.

Guess what? Mr Anderson has voted time and time again in Parliament for things that made life harder for people like us.

No doubt we’ll see other attacks from him on the council or the Ashfield Independents. That’s because recent polls say Mr Anderson will lose his seat at the next General Election to the Ashfield Independents.

While the current MP seems to be using horrific personal circumstances for his own political advantage, the Ashfield Independents and I will fight for a better deal from this rotten Conservative Government.

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