Ben Bradley MP welcomes extra Government support for Mansfield businesses

We have all seen the devastating impacts to our local businesses in recent months, and the impact that it has on jobs and livelihoods.

By Ben Bradley
Monday, 26th October 2020, 9:30 am

As I mentioned in my column last week, I was disappointed to see Mansfield put into tier two restrictions because of the high rates of coronavirus in Nottingham city.

I was worried for those businesses in Mansfield that will be worst hit by these restrictions and have already sacrificed so much this year.

I have spent the past week speaking to colleagues in the Treasury about the need to support those businesses worst hit and I was extremely pleased by the subsequent announcement from the Chancellor, of additional support for businesses in this area.

Ben Bradley, MP for Mansfield

All leisure, hospitality and accommodation business premises will now be eligible for a grant from the government for each month they are in tier two restrictions.

Local councils will have the ability to give all businesses in these sectors a cash grant of up to £2,100 per month and I sincerely hope Mansfield District Council will ensure all businesses in these sectors can access this cash.

Among the other announcements was a change to the job support scheme, which will enable more people to access support from the government, and local councils will get a £1 billion extra to offer help to those in need, including £750,000 for Mansfield.

It is crucial we stand behind our small businesses and alongside all those small business owners on our high streets which are the life blood of our communities, and who employ so many local people.

These support packages equate to more than £8 billion in extra support to those the worst hit by the coronavirus crisis.

This virus has ripped through the heart of our communities by severely harming many businesses which in turn effects the families that run and work in them.

It is now imperative to look at how we move forward and ensure whatever knocks we take are not irreparable, and that we protect livelihoods.

This virus will not be around forever so we should all try to support those most affected and to ensure we can move on from this difficult time.

Ben Bradley is MP for Mansfield.