Ben Bradley Column: It's a major priority to keep law-abiding people safe from criminals

Supporting our police with more funding and powers to protect the public from dangerous criminals is a hugely important priority.

If people are going to have trust in the police as a vital public service, it is essential that we come down hard on those who choose to break the law and make an example of people who do not believe the rules apply to them. It is a priority that we keep the majority of people, who are law abiding citizens, safe.

This is exactly what The Policing Act, introduced at the beginning of the month, does. People deserve to feel safe.

The Act introduces measures that will ensure the toughest punishment for the worst kinds of crimes. Things like whole life sentences for killing an on-duty emergency worker and increasing prison terms for child cruelty, will result in the most dangerous criminals spending longer behind bars.

Coun Ben Bradley, Mansfield MP and leader of Nottinghamshire County Council. Picture by Tracey Whitefoot.

On top of this, the Government has pledged £750 million to fund 20,000 new police officers that will help maintain safety on the streets.

In Notts, we’ve now got more Police Officer than at any time in the last 15 years, with more to come.

There is a focus on combatting extremists, and the police will have the resources to tackle new threats. Longer sentences for terrorists and the recent increased border control measures will all work to ensure that the communities in Britain feel safer and will show criminals that stricter punishments are now enforced for the crimes they commit.

The Act’s introduction is extremely promising, bringing in new powers to the police to stop those most disruptive protesters, who unnecessarily block our roads or stop our transport services.

‘If people are going to have trust in the police as a vital public service, it is essential that we come down hard on those who choose to break the law’, writes Coun Ben Bradley.

They distract resources away from the people who actually need them, and they make others’ lives more difficult.

Fair enough, people may want to protest, but stopping people from getting to work is an ignorant and selfish way of doing it.

Thankfully this Act will help us tackle it.

More locally, the Make Notts Safe Community Chest Fund opened last week, which aims for people to have their say on how they want funding to be spent.

Awards of up to £5,000 are being offered to community-based organisations to support the priorities laid out in the Make Notts Safe Plan.

The funding possibility is an exciting opportunity that people across the constituency could access.

The people of Mansfield need to feel safe on our streets and the introduction of the new Community Chest, the Make Notts Safe Plan and The Policing Act are opportunities to support that goal.

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