'Ashfield MP needs to fight to tackle the crippling cost of living crisis'

This winter has seen a devastating rise in the cost of living across the UK and this is having severe consequences across Ashfield.
Lee Anderson, Ashfield MPLee Anderson, Ashfield MP
Lee Anderson, Ashfield MP

No-one can ignore the fact our purse strings have needed to be significantly tightened.

I know my car costs an extra £25 each time I fill at the pumps.

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With the rising costs of gas and electric, food and what the Daily Mail calls ‘rampant inflation and controversial tax rises’, this situation is only going to get worse.

Columnist Lee Holland.Columnist Lee Holland.
Columnist Lee Holland.

Families are struggling to feed and clothe school children, keep fuel in the car and the house warm, despite parents working full time.

The Daily Express said it expects households to be ‘£1,200 worse off next year and facing a cost-of-living catastrophe’.

Now I don’t know about you, but £1,200 a year is a lot of money to find when many of us struggle to have any money left for savings after the month is over.

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The awful toll this is taking on people’s wage packets is no apparition, like an unwelcome visit from the ghost of Christmas past. This is 2022 and it is the worst of times.

Now The Sun is calling for an end to VAT on energy as ‘urgent relief for the crippling price rises we now face’.

However, even more is needed to be done, especially with the rise in National Insurance coming.

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I have signed a petition calling on the government to do more.

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They have failed with energy prices and they continue to fail families in Ashfield.

The government needs to tackle the oil and gas giants head on to ease the pain.

The Daily Mirror states a fully-costed plan for a windfall tax on the giants would reduce the average house bill by £200.

Now that would make the cost of living crisis a lot more sustainable for thousands of families and working people in Ashfield.

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Yet, as I sign the petition, I hear nothing from our local MP.

Once again, he remains silent on the issues that really affect his constituents.

I call on our MP: the next time you are in Westminster, speak to your so-called friend the Prime Minister and tell him of our struggles and our need to be listened to.

Because, if you do not start to represent the people of Ashfield soon, you may find that those who elected you, may seek an alternative at the next election.

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