COLUMN: Tackling the impact of alcohol, by Paddy Tipping

Every week, police officers, volunteers and staff work around the clock to keep our thriving nightlife scene safe and prosperous.

Since my first term of office, we’ve been working together with a multitude of agencies to reduce the potential for alcohol-related problems and ensure that people can have a safe, enjoyable night out.

We want to see pubs and clubs showing a responsibility of care for their customers, and yes, we also want to encourage partygoers to have consideration for their own safety. It is working but there is still more to be done.

All of us are potential victims of criminality. The thing with alcohol is that it can impair our judgement and inhibit sound decision-making.  It can increase the risk of an individual becoming a perpetrator or a victim of crime and the majority of the prevention work we undertake is concentrated on reducing vulnerability.

In recent years, we’ve worked hard to draw attention to the responsibility of licensees to nurture a safe environment for their customers while reminding revellers themselves to remain in control on a night out. We’ve also developed robust and successful treatment programmes for those whose lives are driven by an addiction to alcohol.

Pleasingly, visitors to Mansfield’s nightlife have good reason to feel safe and secure. T

he area is home to four of the best venues in the county as voted for by members of the public recently in the Best Bar None awards. The Bold Forester won the Best Suburban Chain Venue title, The Stag and Pheasant won the Best Town Centre Chain Venue accolade, The Late Lounge won the Best Late Night Venue prize and andwhynot won the Best Town Centre Independent Venue title.

All of the venues singled out for an award have achieved Nottinghamshire Best Bar None accreditation by passing through a tough assessment of their operating policies and procedures. It all comes down to good teamwork which is Nottinghamshire’s strength. I’m immensely proud of the partnership work going on to develop robust and sound policies to protect the public.

Alongside my colleague in Derbyshire, Hardyal Dhindsa, I am working nationally on behalf of Police and Crime Commissioners to reduce the harm from alcohol and substance misuse.

The good work in Mansfield and Ashfield is illustrative of what can be achieved and is an excellent platform on which we can all build.