COLUMN: Success helping constituents with independence payments

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I wanted to start the New Year with some good news concerning Personal Independent Payments (PIP).

One of these stories involves Sutton resident Ian Greatorex.

Ian has a catalogue of health problems including suffering several strokes, heart problems, diabetes, kidney disease and various other health complications.

He had been on Disability Living Allowance for years but was having to apply for PIP for the first time.

He was asked to go for an assessment in Nottingham, but is in no state to travel and asked the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) for a home assessment instead.

There was to-ing and fro-ing but obstacle after obstacle had to be overcome.

The Greatorexes contacted me in despair, and I got in touch with the DWP, which then agreed to carry out a home assessment.

Unfortunately a worried and stressed Ian was hospitalised after suffering another heart attack.

Fortunately, Ian was finally awarded PIP following his home assessment and I wish him well.

I also helped a lady from Stanton Hill.

She has severe mobility problems but had been told to travel for a PIP assessment when she clearly needed a home assessment in my view.

She was put under great stress by the thought of losing the financial support she needs if she couldn’t make the assessment.

I contacted the DWP to ask for a home assessment to be carried out and the lady put in a formal complaint.

The resident received an apology.

The dad of a young man from Kirkby who has Asperger’s Syndrome also contacted me for help after his son’s PIP claim was rejected – despite the fact he had received the benefit for three years.

He was told that because his son could not have a face-to- face interview, there was no time limit on his case being considered and he could be left for some time without any money.

After my getting involved, his son’s PIP claim was sped up and reinstated.

It gives me great satisfaction that I can help people when they have nowhere else to turn