COLUMN: No fracking plans yet, by Mark Spencer MP

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I met this week with INEOS which is one of the companies involved in exploring areas around Notts for shale gas.

A number of residents have written to me on this issue, which can be emotive, so I met the firm to get reassurances about the technology and any plans locally.

I will of course be keeping in regular touch with them for regular updates.

It’s worth knowing that whilst there are areas with exploration going on, there are no current plans or applications to do any fracking in my Sherwood constituency or in Sherwood Forest, where I know there have been rumours that have caused a particular concern.

As I write, I’m very much looking forward to attending the Edwinstowe and Dukeries Lions Club fashion show, and I was delighted to be asked to come and speak at the event.

The Lions Club is a volunteer organisation that has worked hard over many years to raise money give time locally to support projects and good causes, so I’m pleased to be able to support the event.

You can volunteer and find out more by visiting

I’ve also recently been to visit a community pharmacy in Blidworth to find out more about the work they do and the potential of pharmacies like this.

You’ll have seen a lot of coverage over the winter as always about trying to educate everyone on what services are available for different illnesses and problems to prevent everyone queuing at GPs or A&E, and pharmacies can be an under-used resource.

It was really interesting to heard directly from the pharmacists about their take on the issues, and to have a look around.