Chris Hunter’s technology column: A time for gaming

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After so many columns covering all sorts of serious subjects such as backing up your data and ensuring your children don’t run up a bill without you realising it it’s about time I turned my hand to the more light hearted use of phones, namely gaming. I’m going to tell you about my personal favourites on all three platforms (Apple, Android and Windows Phones). They aren’t the latest and haven’t had loads of advertising, but are games I have personally spent some hours playing. This week I’ll cover Apple gaming, Next week Android gaming and then last but not least Windows Phones

Swords and Poker -

This is a very unique game that I came across a couple of years ago, but still play today. It is an odd combination of poker and a role playing game (RPG). The basic premise is that you have to make your way through a dungeon battling creatures that get harder the further down the dungeon you go. Like most RPGs this involves you finding better armour and weapons allowing you to take more damage and hit the enemy harder when you attack them. The massive twist to this game is how you attack them. In battle you see a 5x5 grid with the centre 9 spaces containing playing cards. You are then given 4 cards in your hand. You then take it in turns to place two cards on the grid to create a row of 5 cards to create a poker hand. The rarer the hand the more damage you do, for example a pair of 4’s may hit the enemy for 1 health, but a full house (three of a kind and a pair) could hit for ten health. The aim is to get the enemy’s health to zero before they get yours to zero.

New Star Soccer -

This is a football game that gets you to develop your player from a fresh faced 16 year old in a non-league team to a world class performer at the highest level. The gameplay is again different to what you would expect of a football game and works fantastically on the small phone screen. During the game you will be involved in key moments, be it passing to a team mate, intercepting a pass or taking a shot on goal. You drag your finger on the screen to aim and set the power, then tap on the ball as it moves across the screen to complete the pass or get the ball in the back of the net. You can improve your player’s skill by completing training in-between games, as well as get involved with all the other areas of a footballers life. Do you do extra training or meet your sponsors? Do you go to the casino and hopefully win big or lose it all?

These two are very simple games, but will keep you entertained for hours.

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