Cash for schools is so welcome for Mansfield

Ben Bradley MP
Ben Bradley MP

It was wonderful to hear confirmation of schools funding boosts for Mansfield, as the government announced specific figures for this area last week, writes Ben Bradley MP.

Over the summer, the Prime Minister announced more than £14 billion of extra investment over the next three years.

It’s something I’ve long campaigned for, and though money is not the whole answer to the many issues, this cash boost will certainly help schools to improve and offer the best for our kids.

Alongside simple ‘per-pupil’ increases for schools themselves, the Government has also increased the special educational needs budget by £700 million too, meaning more support for those children with the highest levels of need and in turn reducing the strain on school budgets.

The specific figures make for positive reading.

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Obviously, the schools that have historically had the lowest funding will receive the biggest increases, and some of Mansfield’s schools are very much in that category.

The biggest winners in this district are primary and junior schools in some of the most deprived areas, including Church Vale, Eastlands, Crescent Primary, Netherfield and Birklands schools.

Flying High Academy in Ladybrook, Asquith Primary and St Peter’s on the Bellamy Estate will also receive above-average funding increases.

This is fantastic news, as well as the fact that every single school in our area will see its budget rise.

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Last week, I again visited the Evolve Trust, which runs the Beech, Bramble and Brunts Academies.

Evolve is an award-winning trust that I have an awful lot of time for, and I think shows just what can be done under the existing imperfect system, including running the best performing special school in the country.

The truth is no system of education, no curriculum will ever be perfect, but good local leadership can certainly make positive things happen.

So many schools have excellent leaders, and these funding increases will make a big difference to so many young people.

Ben Bradley is MP for Mansfield.