Brexit continues to dominate but I'm always focused on what matters to you

Mark Spencer MP
Mark Spencer MP

With so much of the news taken up by Brexit recently, I wanted to give you an update to let you know that my team is still working hard to deliver locally for residents right across Sherwood, writes Mark Spencer MP.

In Blidworth I went along with local councillors Tom Smith and Louis Brailsford to the third annual Blidworth Together event at the Sherwood Community Church.

Lots of different charity and community groups had stalls set up and local residents were able to see what was happening across the village.

It was a great event with a real community feel to it.

Afterwards, we went out knocking on doors and speaking to local residents to hear their views on a number of different issues.

In Edwinstowe we’ve had some really positive news recently from local councillors Scott Carlton and Michael Brown.

After setting up a petition and several months of campaigning, a new CCTV camera will now be installed on High Street in Edwinstowe.

This should go some way to helping prevent anti-social behaviour, and I know it’ll be a move welcomed by shop owners, shoppers and local residents.

Thank you to Scott and Michael for setting up their petition and everyone who signed and supported it.

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We’ve also made some great strides with improving local infrastructure.

After securing £18 million from the Government for the A614 improvements, the initial designs for the improvements including Ollerton Roundabout, Mickledale Lane, Deerdale Lane and White Post Roundabout are all drawn up.

This will be a huge improvement for transport links across the whole area.

I try and keep my constituents as updated as I can with relevant constituency updates.

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Mark Spencer is the MP for Sherwood and the Government chief whip.