Bill Purdue’s Book Blog - Happy New Year!

I’m going to start by quoting in full a comment I received after posting the last blog of 2010 which was all about railway books. I mentioned a book by railway photographer Colin Gifford which prompted this response from Patrick Allitt:

“I saw your post about Colin Gifford, one of the very greatest British railway photographers. I grew up in Mickleover, Derbyshire (born in 1956) and was a terrific railway enthusiast as a child. I live in America now but on visits to Britain I often visit the National Railway Museum in York. A few years ago they had an exhibition of Colin Gifford photographs. Magnificent! I was able to get a copy of his book _And Gone Forever_ there, but haven’t managed to find any of the others. To open that book is to be carried back instantly into the smoky, sooty, but delightful world of the steam railways that enchanted my childhood.”

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