Bill Purdue’s blog - February 2012

I love to get out in the fresh air and get some walking exercise – I don’t seem to walk as far as I used to these days, so my walks tend to cover familiar ground. I don’t have the need to do any “natural navigating” as advocated by Tristan Gooley, as I don’t get lost.

However I did enjoy the short TV series called “All Roads Lead Home” on BBC2 last Autumn in which Alison Steadman, Sue Perkins and Steven Mangan attempted to follow a route using only natural signs to help them on their way after having some guidance from Mr Gooley.

Gooley’s The Natural Navigator [Virgin £14.99 978-1905264940] is still available, but the author now has a new book out: The Natural Explorer [Sceptre £16.99 9781444720310] which might be more up my street as it were.

Country Walking magazine describes it as a “ cogent paean to the glories of nature, a call to arms to get out and appreciate the wonders of the natural world”. In my less poetic language I think it means that it’s a book that helps you to better appreciate your natural surroundings. I’ll need to have a good look at this book to find out more, as this theme has been explored before in other books. In the meantime have a look at Tristan Gooley’s Blog.

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