Ben Bradley says new-look council means a fresh start for Mansfield

Ben Bradley MP
Ben Bradley MP

Can I first thank everyone who took the time to turn out and vote in last week’s elections, writes Ben Bradley MP.

It’s important that everyone takes the opportunity to have a say, even if it’s just to write ‘none of the above’, and we’ve seen a real shake up at Mansfield Council as a result.

Congratulations to the new mayor Andy Abrahams.

Obviously I was delighted to see new Conservative councillors elected, but I don’t intend to use my column to make a party political point.

I simply want to say that I think it will be positive for local residents going forward that the new political make up at the council is so radically changed.

We have lots of small groupings and new independents, which will mean that it will be vital that everyone works together across party lines for the good of our communities.

That can only be a good thing.

Obviously we saw that national politics played a big part in results across the country, and the message is absolutely clear: sort out Brexit or voters simply cannot and will not trust the major parties in the future. I hope that this message is heard loud and clear in Westminster.

Finally, though no politician is exactly flavour of the month right now, can I thank and congratulate all those who stood for election regardless of winners and losers.

It’s not easy to put yourself out there in that way, and everyone who was willing to step forward to represent their community deserves praise for doing that.

Some good hard-working councillors from other parties lost their seats, and I am sorry for them, and particularly Kate Allsop.

Many of us in politics have lost elections before, and it is especially difficult to lose by such small margins.

I wish her the very best for the future.