BEAT SPEAK: Beat the burglars during the summer months

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The bank holiday weekend delivered good weather once again and I imagine it has prompted lots of people to start planning their summer getaways.

If you are heading off on holiday it is really important to make your house appear occupied while you’re in sunnier climes.

In the last week we’ve been asked to attend a number of burglaries in Mansfield and Ashfield where items were taken while residents were away.

In many cases some simple security precautions might have helped deter a potential thief.

Make sure you lock all of your doors and windows and use a burglar alarm.

Don’t leave valuables, including bags and keys, on view to tempt unwanted attention.

Ask relatives or trusted neighbours to bring in your rubbish bin, collect your mail and also keep an eye on your property.

Why not see if your neighbour wants to park on your driveway? If you do leave a car make sure it’s locked and nothing is left on display – including any cables.

But don’t forget about security when you return to your home.

With the weather warming up it’s tempting to fling the windows open and carry on with the housework or gardening but make sure you’re not leaving your home vulnerable to thieves.

If you decide to go out into the garden or upstairs, make sure you lock your doors – it only takes seconds for a thief to go into your house and steal your belongings.

Shed security is also important as the items in there can be extremely valuable and yet easily accessible due to the flimsy wooden construction. The tools, if stolen, can also be used to break into your house.

Simple steps can help to put off potential thieves;

l Fit a tough pad bar

l Fit strap hinges secured with coach bolts

l Chain items together or to a ground anchor with a good quality chain

l Make a note of serial numbers and mark property. You can register your belongings on

l Use security lighting

l Fit a battery-operated alarm

In your shed, home and car, make sure that you don’t leave anything on display to tempt passers-by.

Register your belongings for free on so they can be traced more easily if the worst happens.

We have made some good arrests to reduce crime in the area but we need your help to keep your property safe.

If you have any information about crime in the area call us on 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.