Ashfield MP says she's not going anywhere until the next election

Gloria De Piero MP
Gloria De Piero MP

Last week the office phone was ringing off the hook with people having read the ‘Gloria Quits’ headlines and wanting to know if I was still able to help them with their problems, writes Gloria De Piero MP.

The answer is, of course I am, because I haven’t quit at all.

I told Ashfield Labour members that I wouldn’t be the standing again as the Labour candidate at the next general election but until the day that election is called I’m here at your service as usual.

My office is open throughout the summer as normal, dealing with constituents’ problems and have had some good results for constituents recently on a variety of issues.

We managed to get a Kirkby woman’s tax credit payments reinstated after HMRC had stopped them.

She had made several calls to HMRC to try and find out why her payments had been stopped but was not getting a straight answer.

When I contacted the tax office on her behalf, her case was looked into and her payments were resumed once the tax office had the updated information it required.

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Anti-social behaviour is often a bigger problem in the summer and we have already had some success in reducing this in the Percival Crescent area of Sutton.

A resident got in touch to complain about noise and loud music late at night and we referred the problem on to the council.

The resident called me a couple of weeks later to say that the problems were much better since my intervention.

I also helped an Underwood woman who was being billed for unpaid tax by HMRC when she thought she had settled the bill and the money had been debited from her account.

I contacted HMRC and subsequently they wrote to her explaining everything thoroughly and not requiring any more payments from her.

If you do need my help in the coming weeks, call my office on 01623 720399 or email