Ashfield MP Gloria De Piero’s column: Unemployment figures are a wake-up call to Government

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Last month I warned the Government not to be complacent when it came to unemployment after we witnessed a spike in the number of people signing on in Ashfield despite an overall fall nationally.

My warning should have acted as a wake-up call to ministers as this month’s figures also reveal an alarming rise of 167 - an increase for the second month in a row.

This is a pattern that cannot be allowed to continue and ministers can’t just turn a blind eye to places like Ashfield.

It’s galling to hear them say the good times are back when you consider that back in 2008 immediately before the financial crash only 20 women had been out of work longer than a year in Ashfield.

There are now 225 women in the same position, which just goes to show there’s still a very long way to go yet.
Even if ministers appear to be sitting on their hands at least Nottinghamshire County Council and our local job centre are doing their bit to try and tackle problems for some of the more vulnerable people in our community.

On Friday 28th February I’ll be at a special event for local employers at the Mill Adventure Base from 2pm. Information and advice on the help and support available when employing people with learning difficulties or mental health issues will be on offer and major employers including M&S and Boots will be there to tell the real story of working with disabled people and recognising their abilities.

Employers who are interested in finding out more can contact Ann Armes on 01623 583450 or Perhaps your business could help turn someone’s life around.
It doesn’t matter what the time of year, there always seems to be some kind of community event or another going on locally. I love it. At the end of March, Sutton Centre Under 5’s pre-school are holding a family disco with a big raffle to raise funds for new books, toys and equipment.

Now I’m always partial to a good disco and a raffle so I’ve donated a prize straight from the House of Commons shop BUT if anyone else out there can help out with any donations then please just give Hannah a call - 01623 457613.

I’m sure it will be a great night! I’m always keen to find out what else is going on our area so if you’ve got an event you want to tell me about so I can spread the word - do get in touch.