Ashfield MP calls on bosses to ensure fair wages for all

Gloria De Piero MP
Gloria De Piero MP

Taking home a fair wage for the work that you do is what you should expect to receive when you go out to work, writes Gloria De Piero MP.

That is why I have joined a number of fellow MPs in signing a letter to the chief executive of Asda about changes the company is making to some of its employees’ contracts.

I understand these changes will see some employees get a pay rise, but around 3,000 will see their wages slashed.

The proposed changes – which are being made to the contracts of hourly-paid retail staff – will also mean these Asda workers will lose paid breaks, the night shift will be shortened and shift patterns will change which could make childcare or caring for a relative more difficult.

The letter, while welcoming the pay rise for those who are to receive it, is calling on Asda to make sure that the contract change does not mean a pay cut for any staff members.

I really hope that the bosses listen and take action accordingly.

If any Ashfield folk are affected by this issue, please get in touch and I will be glad to take up your case for you.

A severely disabled Sutton man came to me for help recently sorting out his ESA payments.

His money was not going into his account on the dates it should have been, leaving him with no cash for food and reliant on food banks.

He was understandably stressed and the terrible situation was causing him severe anxiety.

After we contacted the ESA, this gentleman was finally paid the money owed and I am pleased to say that the problem has been sorted going forward.

That is a great result but what a sad state of affairs when the UK’s benefits system punishes the most vulnerable people in this way.

I spoke in a debate in Parliament about the crisis in social care funding the other week.

In Nottinghamshire, cash spending on adult social care in 2017-18 was lower than in 2010-11.

Taking inflation into account, spending was £33 million lower in 2017-18 than in 2010-11, and £71 lower per head.

The Tories need to get a grip on this growing problem.