Ice cream. Photo by Pixabay.
Ice cream. Photo by Pixabay.

Come rain, come shine.....older people are never happy with the weather, writes Gay Bolton

We’re either too cold, too hot or too miserable to enjoy the surprises which our climate presents.

Frustration with the weather grows with age. As a kid you long for light summer nights to play out in the garden or heavy snow to go sledging.

I can remember the great heatwave of 1976 as if it was yesterday. It struck during school holidays, halfway between my O-levels and A-levels. My mum had gone to South Africa to spend a month with her sister, leaving my dad in charge of two teenagers. My brother tanned nicely, I turned lobster pink and my dad emerged red-faced from the kitchen bearing platters of incinerated meat and soggy chips.

This summer’s heatwave has been an entirely different ballgame. I’ve grown more frustrated as the hot spell has continued. Night-time is the worst - many an early-morning has found me struggling to sleep because of the temperature. I throw open the window and then I’m kept awake by the sounds of barking dogs driven mad by the heat.

Summer is a time when many people shed weight, tucking into salads rather than carbs. I’m the exception, piling on the pounds as I eat far more ice cream than is good for me in an effort to cool down.

Seasonal irritation has been taken to a whole new level by the guys who rev up motorbikes near my house - the same ones who roar around town in souped-up cars in the cooler months.

And don’t get me started on heatwave fashions; summer is the season that taste forgot. People on the high street and in supermarkets are dressed in clothes that are more suitable for the seaside but they don’t have the beach-fit bodies to match.

Retail therapy could be a cure for anyone suffering the summertime blues.If you’re a canny shopper you may strike it lucky and bag a discounted winter coat.

I bought a half-price brolly in May.....I’m still waiting to use it!

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