Only one in ten feel listened to by politicians - according to new Mansfield survey.

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A survey carried out by Labour parliamentary hopeful Melanie Darrington has revealed that 90 per cent of Mansfield residents who took part have do not feel they are listened to by politicians.

Melanie (pictured), who announced her plans to run for the Labour Party nomination late last year, unveiled the results of her survey which asked what the people of Mansfield’s main concerns were in their community.

She said: “The fact that only 10 per cent of respondents feel listened to by politicians is a major concern.

“Mansfield’s best asset is it’s people, so this needs to change.”

The survey also revealed concerns around social care – with 80 per cent saying that elderly people shouldn’t have to sell their home if they go into care.

Many were worried about crime and want the police to be more vigilant, getting youth off the streets, as well as more jobs in the community.

“Residents said that their number one priority is regeneration,” she said, “and I totally agree. We don’t get enough of the funding that is available, too much goes to the cities. We want and deserve our fair share. Together we can build the type of Mansfield people want. I hope to play a part in this,” said Melanie.

Speaking about other findings from the survey, Melanie told your Chad: “The consensus was that the NHS needs more funding, with 70 per cent of respondents wanting more investment.

“In Mansfield itself, leisure facilities were considered good, but in Warsop most felt they were inadequate.

“Obviously people want more housing but want traffic issues to be considered more when sites are announced. Local amenities need to be adequate too – such as enough school places for the new houses. This was a major issue where residents felt ignored.”

Residents also called for more free parking in town.