ONLINE VOTE: Is Warsop a forgotten town?

.Market Warsop town centre sign
.Market Warsop town centre sign

A COMMUNITY leader is urging local authorities not to forget about Warsop - claiming that it does not get the same level of service as other areas.

Allan McLean, chairman of the Meden Vale Community Association, feels that Warsop is often overlooked by Mansfield District Council, leaving residents with less services for their council tax than other wards.

Two recent examples he has come across are the lack of an Ask SAM public service information kiosk and free-of-charge Easter holiday activities in Warsop.

He has even written to the council’s managing director Ruth Marlow about the issue.

“Warsop is composed of five villages and is seven miles from Mansfield Civic Centre - you would think it’s 100 miles away sometimes,” Mr McLean said.

“You talk to anybody - people feel left out.

“We are not asking for anything more than anybody else is getting.”

The Shine school holiday club based at Meden School organises activities for young people in Warsop, but charges a small amount to those who attend, whereas the recent Easter holiday programme put on by the council in Mansfield was free.

Mr McLean says this is unfair because Warsop includes some of the most deprived wards in Mansfield district.

“You have to pay for Shine and if you have two or three kids that could be £15 per day,” said Mr McLean.

“The council should also be doing this for free.”

The view that Warsop is forgotten by the authorities has been exacerbated by recent proposals to shut Meden Baths - plans that have been put on hold - and the closure of the district council’s payment office, says Mr McLean.

“This should have been the last one to shut because it’s furthest away,” said Mr McLean.

Labour district councillor for the Market Warsop ward, John Kerr, said that it is the ‘overwhelming view’ of Warsop people that they have been “forgotten and let down” not only by the district council, but also Nottinghamshire County Council and other authorities.

He said that the closure of the payment office was a blow to the people who used it, that the police station is being shut down and the proposed closure of the fire station would be “a loss too far to take.”

“I did not want to be one of those people who kept moaning that we are forgotten about but I guess I am,” he said.

“Will we be able to redress the balance with a majority of members? We shall try.”

A district council spokesman said they have gone to great lengths to keep Meden Sports Centre open and played a significant role in securing £1m of lottery funding to support community projects in the Warsop area.

He said that the Ask Sam project was developed by the Mansfield Area Strategic Partnership, not the council, while the payment office was replaced with a service that enables residents to pay bills by cash at Pay Points and Post Offices instead.

“The decision not to provide free play activities in Warsop this Easter was taken because Shine was already organising a wide range of activities and it seemed sensible not to duplicate other activity,” he added.