Online swap shop website launched for Mansfield

THEY say one man’s junk is another man’s treasure . . . which might explain the success of an online ‘swap swap’ for the Mansfield district set up to ease the strain on overflowing landfills.

A team of 10 volunteers run Mansfield Reusecycle, a online forum designed to make it simpler to recycle old household items lke cookers, beds and settees.

Since it was set up in May this year as a group on social networking site Facebookthe service has gone from strength-to-strength and now boosts 500 members.

Organiser Ross Bradley, of Meden Vale, explained: “We viewed a lot of pages on Facebook where members were able to sell items and we saw that quite a few people asking for items for free and not many people were offering items for free.

“We decided to make our own group where people could offer items for free and we started to advertise the page on a lot of groups.

“Over the past few months we have had lots of people visit group and offer items and it’s going really well.

“We decided to make our own website and hopefully in the next few months we hope to be able to run off the website as well as our Facebook page.”

Ross said they thought it would be better for Mansfield to have its own website rather than locals signing-up to an existing similar service like Freecycle, which is national and also encorages users to give unwanted items away.

We want to be able to help people from Mansfield if they need it, we want to be able to help our council too.

“We are also on Facebook and our service is a lot easier to use than Freecycle, we have no registrations what so ever, and we have no limits on how many times a person can ask for items or give away items.

“I have had comments from members of ReuseCycle that it’s easier to use.

“With Freecycle your email inbox get’s flooded with items and with ReuseCycle nothing will get flooded and people can just click on our page and ask for items or give away items.”

Ross said the site could help reduce the strain on local services and cut fly-tipping.

“Since the new Government has come in there has been drastic budget cuts for local councils.

“If people in Mansfield did use this service then hopefully it would ease some strain on the council for landfills and it may stop people dumping items that work on to streets and fly tipping, which would cost the council again to come and collect those items and dispose of them.

“We believe small things like this will make a big difference.”

Ross said ReuseCycle is a non-profit organisation supported by adverts on the website in order to cover costs and to fund improvements to the website.

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