ONLINE POLL: Mansfield Town Hall could become police base

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THE Old Town Hall in Mansfield Market Place could become an evening base for town centre police officers.

Mansfield District Council owns the historic building which is currently used by staff from the Business Improvement District (BID) and the council’s neighbourhood warden team.

Nottinghamshire Police does have access to the property during the day, but talks are ongoing to use it at night time.

Chris Eyre, the force’s new Chief Constable, has not ruled out the move. He said: “There are lots of thoughts about how we might embed policing in the centre of our communities.

“That’s certainly something being looked at and we are working on that across Nottinghamshire. When you put officers, PSCOs and other agencies together in the same place, it works. The principle of being able to work effectively together is important.

“There are great partnerships and relationships already in Mansfield and great work going on to improve things.”

Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale believes it would help improve night time security in the town centre particularly at weekends.

He said: “It would be a benefit to pub and club owners to have a police base right on their doorstep so they can keep on top of any trouble makers.”

“It is a publicly owned building so should be put to the best use for the public.”

A spokesman from Mansfield District Council said there have been discussions for some time about the police having a town centre location for use in the evenings.

“A number of areas have been looked at, one of them was the Old Town Hall. Discussions are ongoing.”