ONLINE POLL: Mansfield town centre parking enforcement is ‘petty’ and damaging to the economy

Russ Moore was given a parking ticket in Old Town Hall
Russ Moore was given a parking ticket in Old Town Hall

A MANSFIELD businessman has hit out at ‘petty’ parking enforcement after getting a ticket for leaving his car slighty outside the bay.

Russ Moore has labelled the £50 penalty ‘punitive, severe and harsh in the extreme’ and believes such action by traffic wardens is damaging to the town centre.

The ticket was received when parking in the Old Town Hall car park.

Mr Moore said: “The encroachment was only by a tyre’s width. This was not poor or reckless parking on my behalf. The car next to mine was parked right up to the line of my bay.

“Therefore, sensibly I thought, to avoid potential scratching on both vehicles I borrowed as much space as possible from within the bay for safety and security purposes.

“Surely there is room for discretion here if this facility is being run as a public service and not just for profit or additional revenue? What are these people doing to our town?

“This petty action is not going to make use of the town centre an attractive prospect to me or anyone in future.”

Mr Moore said he sent an appeal letter to Mansfield District Council which has been unsuccessful. He intends to continue disputing the ticket.

Mike Robinson, head of regeneration, leisure and marketing said: “The vehicle was parked with two wheels clearly over the line and protruding into the hatched area of a Special Access Bay. The informal challenge was rejected as the Penalty Charge Notice was found to have been correctly issued. Formal representation can still be made.”