ONLINE POLL: Have you made your decision on whether to pay MDC’s Brown Bin charge?

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CHAD readers have joined the debate on Mansfield District Council’s contentious decision to introduce a charge for the collection of brown bins.

In a report last week we revealed that 6,000 homes in the district had signed up to pay £25 per year for the new garden waste scheme, while 2,250 had contacted the authority to opt out and ask for their bins to be taken away.

When the story appeared on our website, dozens of readers posted comments, with some saying the scheme was good value for money and others claiming it was a stealthy way of raising Council Tax.

Residents outside of Mansfield district, in Ashfield and Newark and Sherwood, also discussed their different experiences of garden waste collections.

A spokesman for Newark & Sherwood District Council said the authority had consulted with residents on the possibility of introducing a paid-for garden and plant waste collection two years ago but there had not been sufficient interest.

“In order to make the scheme viable, the council needed there to be a considerable response from people,” he said.

“Despite carrying out an extensive consultation and mail-out to homes across the pilot area, mainly in the western side of the district, the response was not of a high-enough level to justify introducing the scheme, so the plans were shelved for the time being.”