One Sutton-in-Ashfield woman is confused by charity plastic bags coming through the door

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After the recent change in law which meant shops had to charge for plastic bags, one woman does not see how charities can still justify posting donation bags.

Kayleigh Baker 25, of Repton Road, thinks charities need to change their attitudes to fall in line with the rest of the country.

The Sutton-in-Ashfield cleaner said: “Shops are charging if you use a plastic bag and this is government law to try and reduce the amount of plastic we are using.

“Yet it is okay for charities to post donation bags through my door?

“This week I have had two come through and that is two bags which are folded and in another bag.”

The new regulations, see companies with more than 250 employees must charge 5p for every plastic bag used although exemptions are made if the consumer is purchasing raw meat or lose produce.

The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs brought in the change of law which intends to reduce the use of plastic carrier bags and encourage people to reuse bags to limit litter and protect wildlife.

Kayleigh said: “It seems hypocritical that the charities are not trying to reduce the number of plastic bags they use but we still have to pay.”

A spokesperson for the Charity Retail Association said: “There is no definitive answer on who is paying for the donation bags, if they are biodegradable the charge does not apply, if the bags are contracted out to a third party to distribute and they have less than 250 employees then again the charge does not apply.

“I think charities will need to look at the number of plastic bags they use but it appears they are not breaking the law.”

Kayleigh added: “I think charities should stop bombarding us with plastic bags we don’t want and make it optional so people could go online and request a bag for donations - that would really reduce the number of bags that no one really needs.”