One of Mansfield’s last rock venues to close

rock band 'While She Sleeps' which performed at the venue Intake on 16/03/2016.
rock band 'While She Sleeps' which performed at the venue Intake on 16/03/2016.

The Intake Club has announced its forthcoming closure, following six years of music events.

The concert venue, on Kirkland Avenue, Mansfield, will shut for the final time on June 4.

Tom Jervis, club manager, said: “The building is going to be used for something else, after being unable to renew the lease on the building

“Originally I went in for a few months to honour bookings that were made with the previous owners before they left, but we ended up taking a few more bookings in the old function room side and the gig room side and things snowballed.

“I’m not sure what’s happening to the building, it’ll either get separated into smaller units or let out as something different, but it’s very unlikely it will ever be a licensed venue again.

“I will definitely miss the place sorely, and seeing all the comments on Facebook from our regulars saying the same definitely hits hard.

“I have way too many good memories, but one that stands out recently is the While She Sleeps gig a few weeks ago, we were full to capacity at 7pm on a Wednesday evening and the atmosphere was incredible from start to finish.

“We’re all really thankful to the promoters and bands we worked with, all our awesome staff and all the live music fans that made it happen.”

And gig-goer Igors Buzins said the closure was a big loss to the town. The 22-year-old, from Mansfield, said: “A lot of people are devastated about it, because they don’t know what will become their new place for a good time.

“For me personally it’s a big loss.

“That was the first place I went after moving here from Latvia three years ago.

“I’ve met the best and friendliest group of people, I’ve seen countless bands and events. And everything about that place was like home”.

The venue has recently hosted bands such as Forgotten Remains, 28 Double, and CURV.

Sam Marshall, aged 28, lead vocalist for Forgotten Remains, said: “It’s a shame it’s closing its almost like our home ground. It speaks a lot considering we are a Chesterfield band”.

Dean Thorn, aged 22 and a regular at the venue, said: “I have had some really good nights there.”