'One moment I would think I was psychic and I had won the lottery another I would think I have died'

Joe Roe, lives in Mansfield Woodhouse
Joe Roe, lives in Mansfield Woodhouse

Suffering from mental illness can make people feel confused and frightened, making it the darkest time in their lives - but one woman with bipolar has said it does not have to be that way as she invites everyone to walk with her to raise awareness for mental health.

Joe Roe, who lives in Mansfield Woodhouse with her three large dogs and fiancé, had her first manic bipolar episodes in 2013 which left her in a mental health unit.
Totally unaware she had the condition, she was suffering from hallucination and delusions.
The Park Hill resident said: “My reality became totally different than the one I live today.
“I was classed as a vulnerable adult. A risk to myself and others.
“One moment I would think I was psychic and I had won the lottery another I would think I have died, I had really lost touch.
“I was acting aggressively and out of character as I thought I had been possessed. It felt like I was trapped in either a delightfully beautiful dream or a horrendous awful nightmare.
“It took quite a while to come round - it was a very difficult time for me and my family.”
She was again admitted into hospital after a second episode in 2015.
Joe said one of the ways she recovered from the episodes was through the coaching she had.
The 40-year-old has since set up her own coaching service ‘Joe Roe Coaching’ after earning a coaching diploma.
She now works out of the Lotus Therapy Centre at The Nottingham Road Clinic, Mansfield.
She said: “I coach people with bipolar, but people come through the door with other mental health conditions like anxiety, depression.
“Being on my own bipolar journey and applying coaching to my own mental wellness, provided me with truly remarkable results. I am now a passionate mental wellness coach, coaching people to make that positive meaningful difference to their own mental health wellness.”
Before her first attack, she said she was living a fast pace life, working long hours and had previously been diagnosed with anxiety.
She said: “I can recognise episodes now and put a stopper in place, but mental illness can happen to anyone.
“Raising awareness for mental health means that a family member could understands the signs of mental health issues even if the person suffering can’t.”
She said stress and anxiety can be triggers.
She is now taking part and speaking at a 10-mile walk in Nottingham which hopes to raise awareness and funds for mental health and suicide prevention.
It will be the first time the ‘Walking Out of Darkness’ event will take place in the city on Sunday, May 27, starting at 10 am at Victoria Embankment.
She will be walking with her mum Carol Ward, 71 and fiancé Tim Asher, 43, but others can sign up to walk with her.
She said: “I couldn’t be more passionate about supporting Walking Out of Darkness, I am doing the walk to raise awareness and stop everyday sigma.
“I’m super excited and looking forward to this inspirational walk. It’s a fantastic fundraising event, with a fabulous collaboration of people united together, raising mental health awareness.
“Just being with like-minded people, not just people with mental health but the families supporting them as well.
“It is a fantastic opportunity to meet people.
“I wear my heart on my sleeve and talk openly about my experiences, in the hope to deeply inspire others and will be delivering a brief talk at this amazing event.
“I’m offering a warm welcome for people to join me and my wonderfully supportive fiancé and mum, for a friendly walk and talk coaching chat along the way, or to explore coaching as an option to successfully achieve mental wellness.”
Joe will be raising money for a suicide prevention charity CLASP (Counselling Life Advice Suicide Prevention) which organised the event.
She says is ‘very important’ to support the charity.
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If you would like to walk with Joe go into the ticket section, select team and search for Joe Roe Mental Wellness Coach.
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