ON THIS DAY: The day the Olympics came to Mansfield

It was meant to be the day Mansfield shone in front of the watching world, but instead it proved to be one of the wettest imaginable.

Four years ago today the Olympic torch made its way through the town on its way to London for the biggest show on earth.

Crowds lined the street every step of the way, but the British weather was out to spoil the party.

By the time the golden beacon arrived in the town, the clouds had already gathered, and torrential downpours and thunder and lightning battered the route for the entire afternoon.

It may be known as the flame that never dies, but lighters were needed to spark the beacon back into life, such was the ferocity of the weather.

However, it failed to stop the people coming out in their thousands, armed with brollies and Union Jacks, and cheering on the torch bearers.

Mansfield’s Steve Grainger MBE, who was one of the torch bearers, reflects on the day: “The key memory is the rain and the number of people lining the streets and joining in on a fantastic day.

“In the days afterward I had loads of requests to go into local schools and show them the torch and I think I went to ten school assemblies in the weeks that followed.”