On-call firefighters wanted in Kirkby

Nottinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service is launching a recruitment drive for on-call firefighters – including in Kirkby.

Monday, 9th May 2022, 8:31 am

The service is opening recruitment for on-call firefighters on Monday, May 16, including applications for Ashfield Fire Station in Kirkby.

On-Call firefighters – who respond to incidents when available, having been notified by pager – are trained to the same standard as full-time colleagues.

They attend the full range of incidents, including fires, floods, road traffic collisions, chemical spills, and more.

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Recruitment for on-call firefighters opens next week.

A service spokesman said: “On-Call Firefighters will book themselves available to provide cover for an agreed number of hours per week.

“If a call comes in during their hours of availability, they must reach the fire station within the allocated time, usually within five minutes of receiving the pager message.”

The service said many on-call firefighters are in full-time employment, with an agreement from their employers to leave work and attend fire calls.

The spokesman said: “The hours they are available for fire calls can vary to suit their personal and professional circumstances, with many of our staff fitting their on-call duties around full-time jobs and childcare commitments.

“It's a flexible role that is both rewarding and challenging.”

Applicants must be aged 18 or over, live or work wihin a five-minute drive of their local station and ‘have a a good level of aerobic fitness and strength to enable you to undertake firefighting duties’.

As well as Ashfield, on-call fire stations in Nottinghamshire include Blidworth and Warsop.

For more information, see crowd.in/5FRYZH