Ollerton shoppers victims of scam

A woman has been jailed for distracting shoppers at an Ollerton supermarket while their bank cards were stolen and used to withdraw cash.

Eszter Nagy (24), who had a Romanian interpreter with her in court, pretended to be pregnant when she went up to a car outside Tesco .

She asked the woman driver for directions to the nearest hospital while an accomplice stole the card from the handbag on the car seat, Nottingham Crown Court was told.

Observations must have been kept earlier when a chip and pin machine had been used by the victim, the court was told.

Nagy, from Enfield, London, was jailed for 12 months and had £710 confiscated from her. She admitted two burglaries.

The first victim on 24th May last year put her handbag on the car seat before another car pulled up and Nagy asked for directions.

“The victim was anxious to help and drew directions on a notebook,” said Jon Fountain, prosecuting.

The bank card was stolen and used to withdraw £300 from a nearby cashpoint.

Less than an hour later the second victim, who was pregnant herself, paid for her shopping then was distracted in a similar fashion.

But she was sharp enough to realise what was happening and took the other car’s number and called the police.

Before Nagy and three others with her were arrested, £410 had been withdrawn.

The other three later skipped bail.

In mitigation, it was said Nagy was university educated and hoped to become a teacher.

She felt indebted to fellow Romanians who had offered her accommodation and agreed to go along with the scam.

She had worked mainly as an au pair in London.

The judge told her: “These were nasty and cynical offences that took advantage of people’s goodwill.”