Ollerton man head-butts car after nine-hour drinking binge

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An Ollerton man has been fined after admitting head-butting a car repeatedly and verbally abusing its diver after a nine-hour drinking binge.

Mansfield magistrates were told how Jack Allen (34), of Markham Close, walked out in to the middle of Forest Road on the evening of 20th December and caused the driver to stop.

Robert Carr, prosecuting, said: “He then said ‘what are you going to about it’ and head-butted the bonnet twice before shouting ‘get out of your vehicle, do you think you are bigger than me?”

Allen then continued to head-but the car bonnet.

Mr Carr said Allen’s victim remained in his car with the doors locked, fearful of what may happen.

After being arrested Allen told police he could not remember anything apart from being arrested.

Michael Little, defending, told the court how Allen had been on a nine-hour drinking binge leading up to the incident.

“My client had gone into Mansfield first thing in the morning to buy a costume for a work party.

“He then went into Weatherspoons in Mansfield and had a few pints then caught a bus to Ollerton and drank through the morning, afternoon and into the evening.”

Mr Little reported Allen as saying ‘the next thing I remember is being arrested and waking up in a cell,’ and told the court his client had offered an apology to his victim and felt very remorseful.

The Ollerton man told police during his interview that on a scale between 1-10 his level of drunkenness was 10.

Allen was fined £270, ordered to pay £400 compensation for the damage to his victim’s car, £85 costs and a £27 victim surcharge.