Ollerton business men run part of Wainwright coast to coast with personal trainer

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Staff from an Ollerton business have teamed up with their personal trainer to accompany him on part of a 200 mile run for charity.

John Hamnett (41) and Andy Barber (36) from A1 Flue Systems were inspired to get fit when their company enrolled them on Retford-based Outklass’s corporate package.

When signing up with the personal trainer programme however they did not forsee themselves taking part in the Wainwright coast to coast run.

On 27th July, Outklass personal trainer Ronnie Staton, set off on a non-stop run from St Bees in Whitehaven to Robin Hood Bay near Whitby.

The gruelling endurance run took him 55 hours with only 15 minutes rest inbetween. John and Andy, who are both new to endurance running, joined him for the final 52 miles from Ingleby Cross in North Yorkshire.

Tracy-Jane Moir, director of human resources at A1 Flue and member of Outklass, said: “They are all absolutely mad, Ronnie had to bind his feet together to just keep going.

“Both John and Andy worked the day before they ran, left work about 4pm and then joined Ronnie straight away and ran through the night with him. They said it was very tiring but such an amazing experience and they are glad they did it.”

The trio had set check points where they could pick up water and glucose packs .

The three ran for William Stone’s Trust Fund which hopes to raise money to help local boy William after he had a heart attack at 18-months-old and contracted cerebral palsy. He is now unable to walk and talk.

So far £17,000 has been raised by Outklass and other fundraisers.