THAT FRIDAY FEELING: Red sauce on bacon? Don’t be so stupid...

Heaven in a sandwich....not red.
Heaven in a sandwich....not red.

Friday brings with it the hope of the weekend - the promise of two days’ boozing, fine food and a ban on alarm clocks.

And like many places of work, the weekend usually starts with a mini fry up in a cob, ordered as soon as you get in to the office (hey, it kills half an hour at least).

Forget about your work, there are some serious decisions to make - egg, bacon or sausage.

And here’s where our lengthy debate at Chad Towers began this week... Bacon. Brown sauce or red? (not ‘ketchup’ we are not ‘darn sarf’ here people)

Somebody at Chad Towers ordered red, and was vilified. Quite rightly so.

Everyone knows it’s bordering illegal to not have brown sauce on a bacon sarnie.

It’s written in the bible. Simples. End of.

With sausage you have the choice, but not on Danish best back.

It’s what brown sauce was invented for.

And for those who have neither’re just weird. Fact.