Eye Spy - 14th September

Second class!

THE Royal Mail must have been banking on Rebecca Adlington or one of Mansfield’s Paralympic stars to come home with a gold from London 2012. The post box next to the Town Hall doesn’t look like it’s seen a lick of paint - gold, red or any other colour - in ages.

Open top, open headed

THE lovely Indian summer has been perfect for those with topless cars. But surely when you wind down the roof it doesn’t mean that motorists also wind in common sense. So why did the guy in the flash BMW think it was ok to bomb along Quarry Lane on Saturday morning, ignoring the right of way as he went under the bridge and narrowly missing me travelling in the other direction?

Putting Mansfield on the map

THE Olympic and Paralympic Games have been great for the country and created a real feelgood factor. And that has meant some terrific national exposure for our area, including on Sunday morning on Channel 4 who had been filming at WaterMeadows. Well done Becky, Sam and Ollie, you have done us proud.

Where is the common sense?

THE nights are drawing in and so, it seems, is the common sense of some of our cyclists. Driving home on Monday evening, in the dark, I came across two cyclists along a main road riding in the dark, wearing dark clothing and hidden from view of motorists until the last seconds.

Recycling not rubbish!

THE many recycling banks at most of our supermarkets are a welcome addition to modern living - from glass to clothing bins. But if they don’t get regularly emptied, then the recycling turns into rubbish strewn all over the car park and surely defeats the object.

Not first class driving!

A woman driver made a brilliant delivery on the Ravensdale estate recently. Rather than stopping and getting out of her car to drop a letter into the post box, she simply drove onto the pavement, rolled down her window and dropped it in. First class!

Clean sweep by trader

I had to applaud the trader in Mansfield town centre who was out washing the pavement close to his store at the weekend. But it left me thinking why he had to do it when we have street cleaners to do the job.

Faith in humanity restored

I was horrified to discover I had lost my bank card at the weekend, sparking a worrying few hours that it had fallen into the wrong hands. But I needn’t have worried. Fortunately, someone had handed it into the customer services department at a local supermarket and I was quickly re-united with my ‘flexible friend’ - going some way to restoring my faith in others.

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