COLUMN: Train like a footballer – How to get as fit as the World Cup starts

The World Cup kicks off this week
The World Cup kicks off this week

With the World Cup approaching, most can’t help but once again dream about what it would be like to be a professional footballer.

Not only the money, cars, glam and fame but also what goes more unnoticed, their fitness levels.

Many people see them as overpaid but behind closed doors, what people don’t see, is the amount of effort some of these athletes are putting into their day jobs.

Looking as good as they do simply doesn’t happen over-night. Training five hours a day, four times a week, may seem reasonable considering their pay cheques, however that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In order for professional footballers to keep up their fitness levels they not only need to gym, diet and train but also need huge amounts of dedication.

Gym Work

If they are not out on the pitch they are probably inside on the weights. If you want to get big and strong then you need to do weights like a centre-back (core body), and if you want to work on explosive speed and balance then you should gym like a winger (lighter, lower body training).

Dieting Right

With players covering up to 10k a game and burning over 1,300 calories it’s crucial they have the right fuels. And to put it simply, a healthy balance of carbs and protein is exactly what’s needed to endure a hard work-out.


The main focus of footballer’s training is cardio and ball work to improve cardiovascular endurance. Better stamina means better speed, recovery and results - both on and off the pitch.


Professional footballers without dedication simply don’t exist. Giving 110% is the key to bettering themselves every day and it is something that everyone is capable of doing.