COLUMN: Serve up an ace with this Wimbledon work-out

Wimbledon is now underway
Wimbledon is now underway

The world’s biggest tennis event is now underway with sports fans being able to watch the world’s elite players take to Wimbledon’s centre court.

Tennis players use pretty much all major muscle groups and the sport is one of the most physically demanding there is. For those who’ll catch the Wimbledon bug this summer and head to their local court, you can stay one step ahead of your competition with these tennis-based exercises.

Medicine Ball groundstrokes

Tennis players can build strengthen by mimicking groundstroke shots using a medicine ball. Have a partner or coach stand on the service line and throw balls to both your backhand and forehand sides. Then, using a technique similar to the respective stroke, throw the ball back to the coach.

Reaction Drills

With some players serving around 140mph, tennis players need good reactions. One drill many tennis players use is called ‘get to the ball,’ which involves a coach standing around two metres away holding two tennis balls with their hands out by their side. The coach then drops one of the balls and the player, who is facing the coach opposite him, has to react to the dropped ball to catch it after just one bounce. If you’re finding it too easy, make the coach lower their arms to make the drill more difficult.

Cone Calls

Tennis players run side to side and forward and backward, so it’s good to practise movement in all directions. Place four cones labelled one to four in a square. Then, stand in the middle and get a coach to call out one of the numbers at a time before touching the cone and returning to the centre. To make it more realistic, use a tennis racket and mimic a shot.