COLUMN: Four reasons why you should start working out today

Working out makes you feel good
Working out makes you feel good

When people hear the word ‘workout’, they usually think of all the negative associations - like the effort, time consumption and boredom.

What people often fail to realise is that going to the gym and working out goes far beyond just physical benefits.

For some, enjoying the actual workout isn’t what matters. In a study conducted around happiness in gyms, six out of ten people stated that they went to gyms because it made them feel happier after, not during, which shows that going to the gym can also improve life outside of it.

1. If you work out, everything becomes simpler

Whether it’s walking two miles to work, or climbing a thousand stairs, working out makes you stronger and quicker every day, allowing you to do even the simplest things with much greater ease.

2. In the short and long-term it will make you happy!

There are countless studies showing the relationship between exercise and positive hormones. It makes you feel good because you achieve something, and the more you achieve the happier you will be.

3. It helps take away stress and worries

Working out acts as a distraction, and allows you to put all your focus and energy into something outside the stresses at work or at home. It is known to be a great coping mechanism which helps release stress and for some people, anger.

4. You will sleep like a baby

The old phrase ‘I had the best sleep of my life’ will become a regular occurrence. Studies show that people who work out are 65% less likely to feel overly sleepy in the day due to getting a better night’s rest. This allows people to do more with their days and start living life to the max.