ALFRETON: Man claims train doors slammed on his head leaving him concussed

Paul Billing got trapped in a train door.
Paul Billing got trapped in a train door.

A man who is still suffering from concussion five months after he claims doors slammed into his head as he got off a train is taking legal action against the operator.

Paul Billings, 49, of Holme Close, Holloway, was getting off an East Midlands train from Nottingham at Alfreton station at 8pm when he says the doors shut early, hitting him on the temples and trapping him.

“I managed to prise the door open and get onto the platform, but I was left dizzy and seeing stars” said Paul, of the incident on February 28.

He went to the doctor the day after the incident and was initially diagnosed with mild concussion. But two weeks ago, a medical expert looking into the claim diagnosed him with the more serious post-concussion syndrome.

“Even now I am getting blurred vision and my health is worse. It’s deteriorating. I don’t know what I am going to be like in another five months.”

Doors on trains operate by the conductor pressing a button to close them when all passengers are off. Paul now wants East Midlands Trains to review their safety procedures.

“Anyone can make a mistake, but I do think it needs looking at,” he said.

A spokesman for East Midlands Trains, said: “We’ve carried out a thorough investigation and are in contact with Mr Billings’ solicitors over the circumstances of this incident.”

Paul is hoping a witness who approached him on the platform after the incident will come forward. Call the newsroom on 01246 504 614.