27% of East Midlands divorcees regret their split

Four in ten marriages in the East Midlands end because of falling out of love
Four in ten marriages in the East Midlands end because of falling out of love

Twenty seven per cent of divorcees from the East Midlands have later gone on to regret their split, new research has found.

Divorce law specialists, First4Lawyers, quizzed 2,000 divorcees nationwide to assess the emotional and financial impacts of divorce.

The research showed that almost three quarters of East Midlands respondents didn't attempt to fix their marriage before parting ways, with more than a quarter later regretting their divorce.

Andrew Cullick, spokesperson for First4Lawyers, said: “We were quite surprised to learn how many East Midland divorcees regret breaking up with their partner, yet didn't attempt to save the relationship in the first place."

It also emerged that 36% of divorcees said their marriage did not end amicably while one in six admitted to preventing their ex from seeing their child.

Mr Cullick said: “It can be a distressing situation if your ex-partner stops you from seeing you child, but it's important to remember you do have options.”

He says the ideal solution is always discussing the problem face to face and coming to a mutual agreement but says its always best to speak to a solicitor first.

The study showed that while men are most likely to divorce their partners because they have fallen out of love, women are most likely to divorce because of their partner having an affair.

The top five reasons for divorce in the East Midlands are:

Falling out of love (40%)

My partner was cheating on me (27%)

My partner met someone else (27%)

Lack of commitment (24%)

Difference in morals/beliefs (18%)

Financially, it was revealed that men are considerably more likely to be negatively impacted than women; 43% of men said that their divorced has caused them financial loss.